Thursday, February 26, 2009


So this is kinda funny, I came home from work yesterday, and I was home all by myself. I was just watching some t.v. while resting on the couch. When I kept hearing rattling noises coming from my Mom's bathroom. So I went in there and stood in silence, and I couldn't hear anything. So I started just going through my mom's make-up when I heard the rustling noises. But before I left, I swear I could've seen my dog Sadie laying with me while watching t.v. Anyways, I kept hearing clawing noises at my mom's closet door. I thought to my self, "Could it finally be that I am getting a new puppy, something that i have been yearning to have!" My heart was yes, "yearning" for a puppy. So I opened the door and to my excitement it was my cute ol' mut Sadie.  No, new puppy, I was bummed. But then today, after a long day at work, to my surprise was there a puppy. How ironic, I was so excited to see this precious little thing. I love her. So if any of you have ideas what to name her please let me know. I'm thinking ZoEy! She's so funny, and out of control crazy. I love it! 

What defines us as humans!

So, it hit me, I miss my kids more than anything, I just look at my pictures from Taiwan, and miss just waking up to my kids pulling and tugging on me. Its been a good and hard adjustment being home. I thought things were going to be one way and no did my life take a switch on things. But hey, thats how life works. When one door closes two doors open... right? I honestly cant wait to start adopting kids. I have such a passion for kids. I can play with them all day and never get sick of them. I was just telling my friend Ozz tonight that the one thing i miss is being these kids mother, well not literally but I went to school in the morning and was there all day until 9-10 at night. I felt like I was there mother, I would play with them, eat with them, play with them, spy on them while they were sleeping, play dress ups with them, it was a never ending story. And to think I will never be able to do this breaks my heart. But I will definitely never forget how much I have grown and learned from these kids especially little Annie, I absolutely adored her, and her little bug bite marks that are permanent. She told her mom that she wanted to get them surgically removed when she gets older, what 4 year old knows that she hates these remarkable cute marks on her eye. I always told her I loved them, and she would always reply, "Teacher, they are ugly" 

Captain Underpants!

I just absolutely love taking pictures of Avery, she is so much fun, and pulls the best facial expressions. I have one that she honestly looks Asian, I will post this soon. But my brother- in- law Ry and I were just playing around with her taking some sweet pictures with her little pants on her head. Photography is amazing, and she is a gem! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

The babe of the babe!!!

Wow! I can't believe I am already home. So much has changed since being home and one is that I have a bran new niece that mostly everyone knows about. I love just making her smile, she is easily entertained by my silly faces that I pull with her. She is such a doll, I absolutely love being an aunt. And secretly I think she will be a huge thumb sucker like me! Im off to a great fresh start. And I have to say this, sorry Steph and Ry, but when I got home, before I could put the little squirt into my arms, first I had to wash my hands because they didn't want me to contaminate the little buggy and two, I had to wear this bandanna. And when we took this picture I had to hold my breathe, it was kinda funny, I'm not gonna lie!! :) I