Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving "Jackass"

For all of those who enjoy Jackass, well I hope you enjoy this! ha ha. This was on Thanksgiving and we were the only ones that were on the train lucky for us!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 21, 2008 The rine stones and the velvet top! Doesn't get much better than that!

This will probably be the funniest video you will ever see. Well it is for me! This kid is seriously hilarious! 

November 19, 2008 Twinners!

Today, I told Cindy to bring her jacket because I had a surprise for her. So when I saw her wearing her jacket, I hurried and grabbed mine to put it on to see her reaction. She absolutely loved it. She was so happy to see that I was wearing here school jacket. She is a absolute doll! She told me that we had to show her mom. Later on when her mom came to pick her up, her mom was just as excited as Cindy was. ha ha! She pulled out her camera and said "I should get a picture of this!" :)
I had to get my school's name embroidered on the jacket. It says, Maryland Mei you? Meaning Maryland (schools name) American institute. 
I just love Joshua, everyday we get at least one picture of him. He has the best outfits too! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 18, 2008 My nan pengyou!

Joe fell down really hard on his head in gym and got an instant goose egg and had to wear an ice pack taped to his head. 

He looks so sad 
Cindy in a daze. 
The Hawaiian babe. I absolutely loved what she was wearing today; her little lava lava with beads hanging from the slits on the sides. Adorable! 
Our favorite song, the weather song! 
For some reason today Joshua and Annie were acting like boyfriend and girlfriend they kept kissing each other on the forehead and putting each others arms around each others shoulders. 
Whats up little dude?
Belly flopping time. 
Minnie was so excited to give me this piece of paper with eveyone's colorful bubbly name on it. She is such a sweetie. 
Oh Annie babe you look like a fishie here! 
My class but Melissa decided she would stay and make the no bake cookies for me while I tamed the little kids instead I just took the pictures... what I do best! 
They are "hoovering" over the pot. (inside joke)
I wish that you could see Joshua's face in this one. Its one of the best facial expressions. 
I was trying to tell them to lay in a star so they did kinda and then they put their little feet in the air.... 

Joshua fake sleeping, and Cindy lou covering her face. 
I was driving next to this lady and her daughter and I noticed the little shitzu just kicken it in the basket. The dog with its red puffy jacket was loving it. It was so dang cute. It was sitting "pretty style"
After work I went to Moss Burger - which is a delicious place by the way. And meandered there after work by myself. The weather went from being so warm and nice to being rather chilly. I have to wear a jacket now outside, but I'm still sportin' out the flip flops. When I got to Moss Burger there was a girl and a boy at the cash register they just had the biggest smiles on their faces. They always get so giddy when us American's walk in the door. Anyways, I order my meal and wait patiently in the corner correcting my kids spelling test. Within ten second I hear a girls voice Say, "Excuse me where do you come from?"
Me: America
Burger girl: oh really! Well Do you have a boyfriend because he wants to know (pointing to her friend that she works with)
Me: Yeah, I actually do.
Burger girl: oh really! Here in Taiwan,
Me: No actually back in America
Burger girl: Oh really, because he really wants you to be his girlfriend.
Me: That is so sweet of him, tell him if I didn't have a boyfriend he would be my nan pengyou.

Burger girl told him those exact words to him, of course in chinese and he got so embarrased. I told him not to be nervous and he said he was just shy. The girl went on asking me: So do you think he is attractive, my friend that is? 
Me: Yes he is good looking
Burger boy: You really think I am?

I told him yes, and he was so so happy, he couldn't stop laughing. Right when I told him that, I asked the girl how to say good looking in Chinese and she told me and right when I repeated it back to her a bunch of high school girls came in just eyeing me and laughing at me because the figured out what was going on. It was quite funny. 
Wow I wish it was this easy to get a boyfriend back in the states. Instead American boys like to play the games, here they just go straight to home run! ha ha It was quite the night! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 15, 2008 KTV all the way!

Our secretaries and cook wanted to take us all to Ktv (kereoke) Oh boy was I excited for this. Right when we got to the place I thought to myself "Am I really in taiwan or in a four star hotel" I felt like a complete celebrity, we had this guy lead us to the elevator then to our room we walked in and the walls were all shimmery with another wall with cheetah wall paper on it. There was a long leather black couch that went around the room with a big glass table and a big flat screen t.v.! It was freakin awesome. We would have people come and go with food the entire FOUR hours we were there. It was quite good food, but quite random at the same time. 

Seriously after 5 minutes of being there Jane was already singing, and quite frankly I couldn't believe it was her singing. Dang that women had a good chinese singing voice. All of them did. Us roommates got a book with all English songs. We had a pretty good variety of songs to choose from but I was to entertained watching Emily, Jane, Penny, and most of all Wen. Wen is Penny's boyfriend. And boy oh boy are they not the cutest couple ever. We all loved watching them interact with each other. It was the cutest thing ever. I loved it. It was so fun watching them do duets together. They got so into it. 

Our Chinese friends probably sang for a solid hour in a half then after we had entered our songs into the computer we were up. We all picked awesome songs even though more then half of mine were a failure cause I could not stay on beat. Good thing there were words though, I mean I'm sure I could've done just fine with out words... for those who know me I'm pretty good at making up words to songs and making the song sound just as good! ha ha! I think after this experience my vocal skills went from a 0 to a 5. One of the last songs we all sang together that me and Britta were so giddy about was THRILLER by Michael Jackson. But guess what it was a failure too, it was like one of the only videos that didn't have that actual Michael Jackson Music video playing instead there was a girl who had long black hair who was gracefully doing all these weird moves on the beach trying to be all sexy and stuff. ha ha it was the funniest thing to watch. Sexy girl and Thriller... mmm... these two things just seem to clash. But thats just me... But I forgot to mention though, the flat screen tv had the words and music videos to each of the songs that we picked. It was a sweet set up. I think America preferably Utah needs to look into this Taiwanese Hobby. 

After we did a little of singing, dancing and eating we were off to a night of bowling! Bowling was so much fun minus the fact that there was smoking allowed and it made me sick and dizzy. I wasn't a fan of it. On to another note, the first game was intense of  bowling. Darren beat me by 1 little point awwww I was fuming, and Wen (who was a pro at bowling) beat us all. So we did a rematch and yes I did beat Darren on the 2nd game. It was great! I think everyone actually beat him... sorry Darren,  maybe next time... game on! :) After bowling Darren and I played a mad game of air hockey... and it just wasn't Darren's lucky day because I beat him! It was intense, I secretly like air hockey, its fun! 

Don't worry the night is not over yet. Over here in Taiwan you do a full on day affair with your friends. We went out to dinner at 50 cent pizza. Boy oh boy was it good, maybe because it was the closest thing to American food. I ordered an eight slice pizza and a bowl of gratin rice...( I have no idea what gratin means. ha!) It was delicious . After dinner we came back home and watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was such a fun day full of activities and pure entertainment! 

The KTV crew! 
Wen was getting so into I loved watching him sing. 
My boyfriend (nan pengyou) I carry his picture around with me everywhere I go. And I got to see his music video. Britta's boyfriend and mine are in the same band. They are so smokin' hot right now.  
ha ha
sing sing sing .... pieces, pieces of me... Ashley Simpson, but the best song we sang was Maroon 5 "This Love"
Penny and Emily
The sweet set up.
The cutest couple ever! We all just loved watching them the whole time. 
Love us! 
Jane was such a great singer, I was amazed! 
ha ha ha, I just couldn't help but to laugh. 
Just singing away! 
Duet time. 
I was getting so sick of all the smoke in the bowling alley! peee youuu!!! 
Penny and me! Love her! 
The bowling alley and Penny and Emily laughing at something! 

I just want to smile. 
Oh how I adore these ladies. It was Jane's 2nd time in her entire life of bowling. 
Penny's outfit was great. A yellow jersey looking shirt with a bow that tied in the back, black velvet shorts, a white laced belt with a brown leather buckle, tights under her shorts and boots. The brown boots topped it off. 
Strike.. oh shoot there are still two pins up.... I mean spare... thats more like it! 
Wen's shirt was hilarious. It says- "A married man should forget his mistakes, there is no use for two people remembering the same thing"
So here I am in "Courtney world" I hear chuckling come from the corner it's Darren, Melissa, and Britta all laughing at me because I was taking pictures of my shoes, and apparently they were taking pictures of me. 
Darren told Britta and I to whip our head from side to side as fast as we can and to snap pictures of it while doing this. My results:
Britta's results: Yes it was really hard not to laugh, cause we couldn't stop laughing
Doing a little dance before bowling. 
Yay! We were just so thrilled to be bowling. 
Its a girl thing. 
Playing some air hockey against Darren
Yes, I am well aware that it says LOSER in the background, but don't worry that is pointing to Darren, I beat a boy! I'm such a competitive girl! 
This signs means "cool" in Taiwan its kinda funny and random. 
Jane our school cook, and no Jane we are not going to bite you, she almost fell of her seat.
Emily and the "cool" sign, Mrs. Jane! 
Us at 50 cent pizza, it was amazing, oh wait its because its American food!